Preliminary program III International Conference “Grain Terminals: Projects, Equipment and Technologies” November 23, 2017, Odessa

Review of existing grain terminal capacities in Ukraine and plans for the construction of new ones

Konstantin Ilnitskiy, Director “Ports of Ukraine” Publishing House

Ensuring conditions for the transport of Ukrainian grain exports is one of the priority tasks of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine

a speaker will be designated later

Prospects for development of grain terminal capacities in the seaport of Chernomorsk

Yuriy Sokolov, Deputy Head of the Administration of the Seaport of Chernomorsk

Roadstead grain port as support to shallow water terminals of Ukraine

Andrey Ivanov, Head of the “Transship” Group of Companies

How to determine the efficiency of a terminal

Oleg Gapanyuk, Director of the State Enterprise “Grain Capital”, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Panamax in a day: this is real

Nikolai Spatar, Director of the terminal “TIS-Fertilizers”

Features of the project on construction of the “MV. Cargo” company’s grain terminal

Sergey Fedorik, Manager of the terminal construction project of the company “M.V. Cargo”

How much does a grain terminal cost? The main pricing factors

Maxim Sochinskiy, Surveyor and valuer

Factors of influence on the prime cost of grain cargo handling

Elena Alieva, First Deputy Director General of Brooklyn-Kyiv

Where are the boundaries of the free market for grain terminal operators?

Tatyana Titarenko, Director of the law firm “LeGran TT”

Conveyor systems: do not make a mistake at choosing

Valeriy Kirilenko, Director of the RUNA, Ph.D. in Engineering Science

What determines the reliability of silos for sea terminals

Anatoliy Kuprievich, Director of the enterprise “ProjectContactService”

How are the problems of the shortage of rolling stock for grain cargoes and access roads to sea grain terminals solved?

a speaker will be designated later

Loss occurrences on grain terminals: causes and consequences

a representative of ТТ-Club

Overview of new shiploaders

a representative of the company “MXM – Ukraine”

River grain terminals in the logistics transport chain of Ukrainian exports

a speaker will be designated later

Legal aspects of investing in the construction of grain terminals. Case study: co-financing of the EBRD and IFC of the project on construction of the terminal in the port of Yuzhny for M.V. Cargo and Cargill

Svetlana Teush, Adviser to the law firm “Redcliffe Partners”

Fair of ideas

Right lighting for sea terminals

Mikhail Chayun, the company PROFI Co

Awarding of leaders among the Ukrainian stevedoring companies handling grain cargoes according to the rating results of 2016-2017 MY. Nominations “Grain Terminal of the Year”, “Absolute Growth”, “Growth Rates”