1st International Conference "Grain terminals: new projects, equipment and technologies" November 19, 2015, Odessa, Ukraine.

On November 19, 2015, in Odessa, Ukraine, there will be held
the 1st International Conference "Grain terminals: new projects,
equipment and technologies."

The organizers - "Ports of Ukraine" Publishing House and the Center for Informanion and Analytics "BlackSeaTrans".

The interest in the export of grain and vegetable oils by sea
terminals is and will be growing. In the context of increased
competition, it is important to find your own niche, to adopt the right
strategy, choose the most modern equipment and technologies of delivery,

storage and handling of grain and oilseeds. And, of course, there are
many pitfalls and nuances that may be encountered during the operation.
Therefore, it is better to recognize them in advance and to find the
solutions of possible problems in the best foreign and domestic

To tell about the prospects for the development of port facilities
for grain and oilseed export market in Ukraine and the best practices,
to show the possible non-standard technical and technological solutions,

in short, to equip market participants with the knowledge that should
help them in business - that is the aim of the conference organizers -
"Ports of Ukraine " Publishing House and the center for Information and
Analytics "BlackSeaTrans".

Special topics to be discussed at the conference:
- strategy for the development of grain handling capacities in Ukrainian ports;
- review of construction and planned grain terminals of Ukraine;
- Innovations in the technical equipment of handling complexes;
- fixed or mobile ship loaders: what is more profitable and where;
- terminal expansion in the inland waterways of Ukraine;
- features and new technologies of direct grain handling in ports;
- containerization of grain flows;
- international experience in creation of modern grain handling complexes;
- new ideas for port infrastructure, shipping of grain by rail and trucks;
- ways to improve the quality of grain exports;
- innovations for port elevators, weighing stations, laboratories;
- IT - technologies for grain terminals;
- naval issues of port terminals, etc.

Among the delegates:
- public and private stevedoring companies, port authorities;
- producers, exporters and importers of grains and oilseeds;
- investment companies, banks, insurers;
- manufacturers and developers of equipment, project managers, engineering and IT-companies;
- logistics companies, freight forwarders, freight brokers, agents, inspection companies.

Venue: Black Sea Hotel Park Shevchenko, 1/20, Marazliyevskaya St., Odessa, Ukraine.
Organizing Committee:
Ph.: +380 (482) 373882;
Ph./fax: +380 (482) 373835.
E-mail: grain@portsukraine.com