I International Conference
"Grain terminal, new projects, equipment and technologies"


November 19, 2015, Odessa

08.00–09.00 Registration, morning coffee

09.00–09:20 Opening of the conference

09:20–11:20 1st Session

Reports & Presentations

  • "Strategy of development of grain facilities in the Ukrainian sea ports"

    Yuri Vaskov, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine

  • "Prospects for Ilyichevsk port as one of the largest grain harbors of Ukraine."

    Gennadiy Skvortsov, Head of Ilyichevsk Seaport's Administration

  • "Review of all planned and constructed grain terminals of Ukraine

    Konstantin Ilnitskiy, Director of "Ports of Ukraine" Publishing House

  • "Options for handling of grain cargo with the use of containers"

    Yuri Gubankov, Director General of "Brooklyn - Kiev" Company

  • "Railroad problems of port grain terminals: decision options"

    Oleg Kutateladze, Chairman of LLC "TIS"

  • "The impact of export grain flows' logistics on the requirements to the port grain terminals"

    Andrew Shklyar, Head of Expert Division of Center for Transport Strategies

11:20–11:40 Coffee break

11:40–13:30 2nd Session

  • "Tendencies and features of ship loading equipment development at the grain terminals in the Black Sea region"

    Andreas Hindenburg, CEO, Neuero Industrietechnik

  • "Technologies of investors plans realization implying the creation of a port grain terminal"

    Ivan Lukyanchuk, Board Chairman, Adept Group

  • "Review of shiploaders' park and systems at Ukrainian terminals handling grain cargoes"

    Yuri Chmyr, Chief Engineer of "Ukrkranenergo" Company

  • "Modern concepts of grain cargo handling in ports"

    Sergei Polinenko, Director General of "Yuzhtekhservis"

  • "Modern technologies and equipment for grain terminals manufactured by Buhler AG"

    Alexander Ocheretny, Director of the Department "Grain Logistics", Kiev representative office

  • "Features and the new technologies of direct grain handling in ports"

    Yuri Ovsyannikov, Advisor to the Director of "Novotekh-Terminal"

13:30–14:30 Lunch

14:30–16:20 3rd Session

  • "Pros and cons of the fleet serving the Ukrainian
    grain exports. What vessels would be able to improve the transport

    Gennadiy Egorov, Director General of "Marine Engineering Bureau"

  • "Features of technology and prospects for road transshipment of grain in Ukraine"

    Igor Ivanov, Head of the Department by "Donmar" Company ("Transship Group")

  • "Ecological safety of sea grain terminals. The experience of creation a new generation of aspiration systems"

    Dmitry Dzhulinsky, Technical Director of "Zernovaya Stolitsa"

  • "Review of IT-technologies used at the grain terminal in Ukraine. New products that increase the operational efficiency"

    Alexander Generalov, Director of Odessa branch of "ArtSoft" Company

  • "Review of the quality control systems for grain
    products used in grain terminals of Ukraine, and novelties appearing on
    the market"

    Irina Dorovskikh, Head of the Department by "VenkLabTekh Ukraine"

16:20–16:40 Coffee break

16.40-18.00 Round table "Grain safety and intensity of handling"

19.00 Gala Dinner

The conference delegates are invited to get acquainted with
the exposition of the exhibition "Agro-SPHERE." The VIP-tour will be
organized specially for the participants of the conference on November
20 at 12.00.

The delegates will be awaited at the information desk fairgrounds port of Odessa Port's Exhibition Center (6, Primorskaya Str.)